Stacked with Daniel Negreanu - Is It As Good As Anticipated, Yes?

Prior to the launch of Stacked with Daniel Negreanu, players were waiting with eager anticipation, however it soon became apparent upon its arrival that although the A1 is fairly consistent it's also somewhat restrained.

For the most part of the play Stacked with Daniel Negreanu is rather subdued even at the utmost difficulty level where one will need to set the game so as to get any real kind of competition.

When playing a hand, one's able to ask for advice from Daniel Negreanu and receive back a quick synopsis of how to proceed. The problem is some of this advice is way off the mark, hinting the game's having a hard time picking up proper moves and also determining hand strength.

Another problem when playing Stacked with Daniel Negreanu is actually using the game's interface. Rather than having a radial dial of some description when choosing multiple options, the player has to scroll down using a linear menu so as to look at ones cards, acquire advice, or a number of different other options. After that, one's then got to scroll back so as to be able to close and place the bet.

When lowering or raising the bet total, the game rapidly adjusts the amount that the player wants to change. So much so that it makes it rather difficult to dial in a specific number. All one can do is to stop a fair bit away from the intended wager and then dial it in slowly, one-by-one.

To be honest this makes everything rather tedious and a bit laborious when making specific bets. It would be nice to give a more favorable review, but the facts are the facts, sorry to report. No one wants to get lead astray with an erroneous review after all, do they!

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