Here Are Three Types Of Poker Player One Needs To Watch Out For!

When one first sits down at the poker table and takes a look around at their opponents, they can often feel quite intimidated with the different types of poker player that they are up against.

It's a fact that some players even compare games like Texas Hold'em to that of going into battle!

Here's some of the different types of Poker player to be on the lookout for:

The Fish

This term is reserved for players who rarely raise and consistently call bets, regardless of the strength of their hand. This type of player sometimes gets rewarded for such poor play with lucky cards; this encourages them to overestimate how good they really are.

The Rock or Nit

The complete opposite of the Fish is the Rock or Nit, the player who only plays the stellar hands at the top of the range. They play nothing but Queens, Kings and Aces. If ever re-raised by a rock, a safe strategy is to consider folding.

The Sharks

The enemy of the aggressive player is the Shark. These crafty players know every aspect of the game, are experts at reading their opposition, at the same time as being very hard to read themselves. They are excellent at leading opponents astray.

Just being aware of the different types of poker player and their specific traits and being more focused and in tune, can definitely be advantageous.

Perhaps before the player was only concentrated on their hand and what kind of move to make, now the new player is aware that there is more than such one dimensional thinking when it comes to playing this game.

Now is the time to use it in their own personal game, it will definitely make for a better player, one can bet on it, that's for sure!