Sexy Poker Review

Sexy poker is not one of the ordinary games you would expect to be in a family friendly Wii, maybe in a smoky Japanese arcade. As the name suggests, sexy poker is a simple type of strip poker game that is played against hot girls. They are prude and manipulating them out of their outfit is an exercise that requires patience. For instance in blackjack, the game is usually in favor of the girls as players draw quite often. This is suspicious and it feels rigged.

Although sexy poker is amusing, it is not considered as a good card game. This is because, you do not learn anything about poker from the game. In fact, the manual only lists a few rules of the game unlike in other poker games where they will even point out the hand you are holding. Additionally, the game is also graceful in its features. For instance, you can just play a conventional game of blackjack or Texas Hold'em. However, when you win, the adorable cartoon girls are expected to take off their clothes. Nonetheless, it does not happen.

You can play sexy poker using Wii remote pointer controls. This is what you use to make your selections. It is unfortunate that you do not have the option of holding the remote horizontally. In fact, your wrist will get tired as you play.

Moreover, during the game, your female opponents will tease you with naughty messages via text and audio to keep the sexy theme.


Since the game offers only single player experience, it limits the appeal of the game. With only six girls to unlock, the game has nothing else to offer. Finally, there are only two types of people that will enjoy playing sexy poker: adolescents who will be thrilled of seeing half-naked girls and people who will download the game to find how crazy it is.