Join In Poker Night At The Inventory & Play With Familiar Faces!

Poker Night At The Inventory is a classic nerd culture game where the player has the opportunity to pit wits against four of the best known characters involved in gaming culture. Even if the player is unfamiliar with the characters involved, their traits soon become evident as this unique fun version of Texas Hold'em takes to life.

The player is briefly introduced to his playing companions for the evening. In Poker Night At The Inventory, these characters remain the same throughout the game. These guys are stars in their own right, and it's the banter they have between each other that underpins this game. They each have their own way of dealing with their hands, their wins and their losses, and the player gets to participate in the fun, like a real life gate crasher.

The players companions for the evening feature Strong Bad from Homestar Runner, the famed Tycho from Penny Arcade, from Max and Sam, Max joins this special gathering at the underground Inventory Poker Club, and finally star of Team Fortress 2 there is The Heavy, just to spice up the action. The player along with this star cast, each are given $100,000 to start, with the player having the choice to set the level of difficulty for the upcoming game.

The repartee, chit chat and mockery is what keeps the game in flow. Telltale, developers of this $5 offering, sprinkles these games with engaging dialogue between the players, with joking and teasing an integral part of its makeup.

It's recommended for the new player to set this Texas Hold'em game simulation to the 'Hard' setting as opposed to the 'Normal' difficulty level. At this level, it will feel more like a real game with the characters to hand responding and reacting in different way to the challenges. They'll be more apt to up their game to a new level, so the player needs to be prepared to loose. With Poker Night At The Inventory there really is more than meets the eye with this elevated dimension of Poker entertainment.