This Microgaming Game Offers Great Payouts

Microgaming is known as one of the top online casino gaming development studios out there. They have hundreds of different games on dozens of websites, and players know that when they see the Microgaming name, the game they're about to play is going to be fun, different, and secure. Their game Aces and Faces is not the exception. It's a great little game that players are sure to enjoy while they rack up the winnings.

Aces and Faces is a video poker game that's a little different than normal. How different? Well, to start with, players don't play one hand of cards at a time--they play one hundred! This 100 Play Power Poker concept is definitely not the norm, but many players like it. Mix things up a bit and play exciting sports-themed slots games with a chance of winning huge jackpots. Only at

As one would expect, the game pays out a lot of money for hands that involve the three face cards (Jack, Queen, King) and the aces. A hand of four aces is going to bring in the most money, while a hand of any four face cards pays out the lowest amount. Other hands pay out, too, but at even lower rates. Most players don't really even consider them winning hands, although they can make out with some good winnings from them.

Players have a few different options that make playing the game easier. The autoplay option will let players set a number of options and then watch the game go at it. That's perfect for those who want to make money quickly without sitting there making every single decision. Then there's expert mode. When this is selected, the game automatically deals a specific number of hands (either five or ten). Players can also delve into the game statistics or change the speed at which the game is played.

This game has been praised for the many different ways players can win money and for the different options Microgaming provides. However, many do admit that the game isn't the easiest to grasp, and it can take a while to really grasp it. The graphics don't help any--they're not the best.

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