The Enthralling Vegas Stakes Game -Turn $10,000 Into $10 Million!

Vegas Stakes is a neat gambling video game that was released for the Super Nintendo in 1993, with a subsequent release in 1995 for the Game Boy.

The game is about the player on their way to Vegas with a bankroll of $1000. Their object is to turn their bankroll into $10 million at the different casinos they visit, and they'll be playing Poker, Roulette, Craps, Slots and Blackjack in an effort to hit the big time.

The player has the choice to play Vegas Stakes either in single-player mode or multi-player mode. Playing the game in single-player mode the player has a computerized buddy who accompanies him around the different casinos.

Playing the multi-player game, which is not available in the later Game Boy version, the game of Poker can't be played as everyone can see each other's cards. Also there are no random encounters, as will be discussed here in a moment,

As the single-player game gets underway, a car comes into view on its way to Las Vegas. Inside four of the players "friends" are introduced as Maria, Cliff, Raymond and Isabelle, all eagerly looking forward to their adventure.

Aside from the action on the casino tables one of the biggest attraction of Vegas Stakes is how the player deals with situations that arise along the way. For instance there will be numerous interactions they will have not just with their friends but with the casinos' patrons as well, once they've arrived.

Some will be quite innocent. For instance one of the travelling party on making their way to the sportsbook, asking the player if they wish to place a bet.

However other interactions in particular with other patrons can carry a significant positive effect in terms of reaching the players goal, or on the other hand severe negative consequences that could set them on the path to ruin. Which will they get more of and where will they end up? On the road to riches or to personal bankruptcy? Welcome to the enthralling world of Vegas Stakes!