How Good Was The Poker Face Paul Game Series - Wasn't It Slated?

Some obsessive reviewers have a habit of panning software games. Was 'Poker Face Paul' really that bad when it was slated in 1994?

Poker Face Paul was a video game series for Game Gear that was released in 1994. The four games consisted of Solitaire, Gin, Poker, and Blackjack and were video card simulations of the original games.

PFP's Solitaire

With four versions of Solitaire to play, a player could select from Calculation, Eleven, Monte Carlo or Klondike, and elect to even play six, seven, eight or ten minute games. With each different game, came a different 'in game' set of rules. As well as each having its own particular look, it also offered tips and hints on getting started. These could be turned on and off at will as the player's knowledge accumulated.

PFP's Gin

With Gin an inbuilt strategy learning tool would be provided to play against the other 3 players. Each player brought to the table a different skill level. Ming was the hardest to beat; Jane was in the middle with Jack being the easiest opponent to play against.


With two versions of Poker to choose from, the player could either play against computer opponents or choose the video Poker option. Here the player would go it alone, where the money received would be based upon the hand they made.


With Poker Face Paul's Blackjack, the player having arrived on the Vegas strip with his cash in hand, would go out and out to win big or bust, playing Blackjack in a series of games. Selecting from four different casinos to play at, he would choose the number of decks to play with and as usual, be assisted with in play regulations and rules to guide him through each game.

If a player landed on a desert Island with laptop and internet connection, would he want to play one of these dated games? Perhaps not, however if it was all that he could play, would there be a real valid reason to say no?