High Stakes On The Vegas Strip: Poker Edition Is It Worth $9.99?

High Stakes On The Vegas Strip: Poker Edition is a PS3 game that was released at the end of May 2007. It sounds like a really exciting game but what conclusions can be drawn when looking a little deeper?

For someone who may have seen the old 1960's Black and White Science fiction TV series called Thunderbirds which came along with the use of marionette puppets, they will inevitably have a very real case of Déjà Vu. This is hardly surprising as the characters of High Stakes On The Vegas Strip: Poker Edition, look remarkably similar perhaps taken out of mothballs just in time for a special appearance for this game at hand.

That being said, although this PS3 game may be a little lacking in some aspects it is a solid game and everything functions well, albeit in unspectacular fashion. A lot of the features are bare minimum to the degree that one could argue it was purely created to fill the $9.99 slot for its particular market and as is well known, one often gets what one pays for.

With only 6 players at a time being the order of the day, in the Career mode the player enters an amateur league, if he wins he advances to the pro league and successfully moving forward finds himself in the Championship finale.

At every level there's weeks of tournaments, and in order to advance he must finish in the top six. He can play in a satellite game or even a super satellite game in each of these weekly tournaments, and he can always earn some cash playing a speedy 'Deal Me In' game should his funds be limited.

For a basic Poker game it's hard to go wrong with High Stakes On The Vegas Strip: Poker Edition. That said, although the computer players are smart, there's no unpredictability or drama. Something's sadly missing, pure functionality is not everything. Perhaps, It would be better to stay at home for the weekly game, now at least that's always fun that's definitely guaranteed.