Kinds of Poker

Types of Poker

Poker is considered as one of the ageless table games available in both the traditional and online platforms. This classic five-card game has developed into various variations over the years ranging from simple up to the most complex types of poker games available. In an article by, the differences and similarities of these poker variants are explained in detail. This will surely help new and even regular poker gamers to understand these games better.

Texas Hold'em

This is considered as one of the most known version of poker game available in the market today. Players are dealt with two faced down hole cards which will be used with the five community cards faced-up on the table. The initial three community cards played are the game's flop; while the fourth and the fifth cards are called the turn and the river respectively. These community cards play a vital role in completing the players' hole cards and winning the amount at stake.

Wagering usually starts before the dealer reveals the flop, the turn and the river. The player with the best hand after all community cards are dealt will win the total wager played. Players may win in different combinations depending on the cards they have in their hands and in the table.

Due to its simple gameplay and mechanics, Texas Hold'em is the most used format in different tournaments and even main poker events worldwide.

Seven Card Stud

Before Texas Hold'em got its fame, it was Seven Card Stud which is considered as the most popular poker variant in the gaming industry. This game usually starts with players getting two faced down cards and one facing up. Initial wagering will start with the player holding the faced up card with the lowest value. The dealer will deal cards four, five, and six faced up in every round while the seventh one faced down. Players can place their wagers after the card is dealt per round.

The goal here also is to finish with the best hand of five cards or six cards. Unlike other poker variants, Seven Card Stud doesn't have any community cards dealt on the table.


The gameplay of Razz is almost similar with Stud's. Each player is dealt with a total of seven cards at hand. The first two and last cards are dealt faced down to the players. Though, Razz is considered as one of the most lowball poker games available today. This means that the player with the lowest hand value wins the game. Thus, the making the "wheel" or the combination of A-2-3-4-5 as the best possible and winning hand in this game.


In Omaha, players are dealt with four cards instead of just two hole cards in Texas Hold'em. But they can only use two of these four cards to complete combinations from the three community cards on the table. Wagering rounds are the same with Texas Hold'em. But the most favored hands of pocket aces and pocket kings in Texas Hold'em are not as vital as in Omaha.

Different poker rooms online and other gaming tours offer Pot Limit Omaha tournaments to its players. In this game mode, players can't wager beyond the pot amount played.

Omaha Hi-Lo

Omaha Hi-Lo, also known as Omaha/8, is a popular Omaha variant wherein players are also dealt with four starting cards. But just like Omaha, they can only use two of these four cards and combine them with three community cards on the table. The only difference of these two variants is the way their players can win the pot at stake.

In Omaha Hi-Lo, the pot is divided between players with the best 'high' and 'low' hands - or one player can win the entire pot if he or she has both. This practice is called "scooping." In scooping, the primary goal of players is to hit both the lowest hand and highest hand possible in every round to win the entire pot. But players can also win the entire pot when they have the highest hand, with no other low hand available on the board.

Five-card Draw

This version is considered as one of the simplest variants of poker available today. Players are dealt with five faced-down cards at the start of the game and are given the opportunity to draw one or more cards from the top of the deck. But before they can draw additional cards, they need to replace these with the same number of cards in their hand and place it at the bottom of the remaining deck.Wagers can be placed before and after this card drawing stage. Player with the best combination of five cards wins the game.

However, Five-card Draw is often played for recreation and fun instances rather than in competitive and high-stake phases.

2-7 Triple Draw

This poker variant is also known as 'deuce-to-seven' and is considered as one of the most lowball games in the industry today. Players are given with five initial cards wherein they have the three chances to draw replacement cards in the same manner as with Five-card Draw.

Aces are unbeatable card character and are known as the 'Number One' in this type of poker. The best possible hand the players may aim to complete is the combination of 7-5-4-3-2.


The game of HORSE is a mix of five different game variations in poker. Each letter represents a particular poker variant. H stands for Texas Hold Em', O is for Omaha Hi-Lo, R equates to Razz, S for Seven-Card Stud, and E for Seven-Card Stud Eight or Better (commonly known as Stud Hi-Lo). In Stud Hi-Lo, players need to have high and low hands to win just like in Omaha Hi-Lo.

In terms of pot sizes, players can only predetermine the entire pot in all of these game variants in HORSE. Players who want to try this variant out can definitely have a wonderful good time in this site as it features this and other poker types with competitive and huge pots at stake.. As an additional, HORSE pot sizes are limited and don't follow the pot-limit or no-limit format of other poker games.