Peek-A-Boo Poker Video Game Review

Whether you're already at the 'mature' age in 1991 or not, people back in those days were not very accommodating when it comes to games that were explicit or too 'mature' for public usage or consumption. However, just like in many scenarios in various industries, there are certainly those that'll rise up and turn differently from the flock. Hacker International and Panesian were two of them and they're the brands who developed and distributed the Peek-a-Boo Poker.

The Peek-a-boo Poker, just as mentioned, is a video game with explicit nature. It was specifically developed for the famous Nintendo Entertainment System along with two more of the same nature. The game is a true classic and though there weren't very many who gladly distributed it, there are still ways to give it a try today. However, before doing so, it is always wise to first have a look at a Peek-a-Boo review and be informed what will welcome you as you enter the game

Game Review

With the help of detailed reviews, not only will you be able to learn more about this game right off the bat - you'll also be able to decide whether you'll spend the time playing it or not. There are countless players who seek these reviews as a kind of advice and a first step to know first what they're dealing with. In this way, you won't have to waste your time evaluating the game yourself as you will already be helped whether the game is worth it or not, which in many ways, is a very advantageous position for players.


The Peek-a-boo Poker will give you an exciting strip poker experience in a five-card draw variation and a $500 starting money. Other than gaining money however, you'll also be rewarded with pixel 'adult' images for each win you get. Once you get to the $1000 mark, you're in for a bigger seductive price that'll get you pumping even more to play.

Introduction and Graphics

Since the game is focusing on its mature side, its introduction is definitely lacking. This can be great for those who want to get into action immediately as there is no scenario or anything for you to wait for - just a straightforward strip poker of lusciousness. Observing the graphical aspect of the game and considering the timeline when it was created, the game was truly exceptional in this regard. From the card game itself up to the 8-bit seductive images of females.

Opponents and Sound Effects

The game also has an outstanding artificial intelligence backing up your opponents, giving you a thrilling waging action that'll amplify your experience. The gameplay and the controls are very intuitive as well and getting to the max $5,000 mark is definitely challenging enough to keep you hooked to the game. When it comes to sound aspects, the game was also not lacking. The sounds used were different in each moments of the game and though it's not that attractive every time, it was still decent.


Though the game is highly original and it is very exceptional as they've managed to develop such a high-quality experience for such a low-spec cartridge, it was still lackluster. It was pretty evident that the game put a bit more emphasis and focused on their revered 'adult' side, making it no surprise that they weren't graced with the limelight from their time and even up until today.